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Crystal Globes and Golden Gorillas await for those who excel above all others!


Do you think you've got what it takes to bring home the trophy?

It's time to show us what you've got!  The 2022 World Gym Awards Categories are now available for nomination and applications. Awards that are new for '22 are highlighted with an asterisk *.

Please follow these instructions closely:

  1. Please submit your nominations to the form below no later than August 31st. After that date, submissions will no longer be accepted.
  2. You can submit as many nominations or applications for as many Awards categories as you would like, however we ask that you submit each nomination separately by submitting the form below.
  3.  Please note, the nominee will need to be present at Convention to accept award or, under extenuating circumstances, have a representing manager or individual in attendance to accept on their behalf.

  • Employee of the Year

    The employee (any mid-level manager or other staff member) that is a key member of their team making powerful impact.

  • Group Fitness Instructor of the Year*

    Individual award. Given to a Group Fitness Instructor who exemplifies the phrase "true fitness professional." Do they pack their classes? Great! But it's so much more than that.  Are they a team player? Do they live the brand and inspire others to achieve remarkable results? Do they build a strong community within the gym and on social media? 

  • Manager of the Year*

    Individual award given to any Manager or Director at any level or department. In today’s gym, leaders and managers set the tone for the organization as a whole and provide the foundations for performance and results. Who deserves this recognition?

  • Personal Trainer of the Year*

    Individual award. Given to the Personal Trainer who exemplifies the phrase "true fitness professional". It's not just about numbers or revenue. How do they inspire others to achieve legendary results?  What makes them great? Do they have a great reputation in the gym and the community? How do they embody the World Gym brand and carry our legacy? 

  • World Gym Athletics Coach of the Year*

    Individual award.  Are they a currently certified WGA coach in the new format?  Are they following the programming and guidelines as set forth by the Coach's Council? Are they an inspiration to others, motivating them and encouraging them to crush their goals?  Do they embody the mantra that everyone is an athlete?

  • Best New Gym (North America)

    Are you a World Gym that has opened in the last 3 years( Oct 2019- Sept 2022) within the USA, Canada and Mexico? It's time to show off to your peers! What makes your new gym the "one" to beat?  Equipment? Staffing? Design? Branding? Show us!

  • Best New Gym (International)

    Are you a World Gym that has opened in the last 3 years( Oct 2019- Sept 2022) OUTSIDE of the USA, Canada and Mexico? It's time to show off to your peers! What makes your new gym the "one" to beat?  Equipment? Staffing? Design? Branding? Show us!

  • Best Overall Social Media

    Is your World Gym crushing it on social media?  If so, this category is for you!  Tell us about your use of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and more- better yet- show us your skills!  What's your engagement like?  How has it grown?  What have you been able to do with your social media content?  Maybe you just crank out fun and exciting videos or posts- let's see it!

  • Best Overall Marketing

    Given to the World Gym location that best adheres to brand standards, is creative in their thinking and has excellent and consistent execution. This includes all forms of marketing including print, digital, social media, local community events, in gym events and so forth.

  • Gym of the Year- North America

    Best all-around American gym (USA, Canada & Mexico) in all key performance indicators.

  • Gym of the Year- International

    Best all-around gym  (outside of USA, Canada & Mexico) in all key performance indicators

  • Vendor Partner of the Year

    The World Gym Vendor Partner with consistent and excellent performance throughout the year in all aspects of the Vendor's relationship with the World Gym Family - worldwide.

  • Woman Of the World Award (W.O.W)*

    This award goes to the fiercest female in our fitness community. This woman has proven to be a game-changer, barrier-breaker, and trailblazer, paving the way to success for others.

  • Joyce J. Cammilleri Philanthropy Award*

    Given to the Franchisee, World Gym Location or Individual who best exemplifies the generous and giving spirit of Joyce Cammilleri. Promoting the welfare of others in the local community, enhancing the World Gym brand

  • Joe Gold Award

    The individual who has consistently exemplified the principles on which Joe Gold built World Gym.